Monday, October 4, 2010

They just keep getting bigger and bigger!!!

One thing I love about Jasmine is that she is such a good sister and helper! She really helps out and she really is so obedient!
Jasmine's turned 5 yrs. this summer! I can't believe she is going to school this year! Agh!!!!
For her birthday we had princess and the frog theme! And I feel horrible but, Hunter (the amazing husband that he is) left our camera on the top of the car and drove off. So I didnt get many good pics of her party! So if anyone out there has them please email them to me or something!!!!

Random enough, it was still pretty dang cold and raining in June, so we had to change her party to indoors. But I think it turned out great because I had tons of games for the kids and I think it made them have fun!
We played sac hop, pin the lips on the frog, egg run, hit the pinata and other ones I can't remember.
The cakes turned out, even though I wanted to throw it against the wall the night before!

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