Friday, December 19, 2008

Duck, Duck, Goose

In My world, there is no goose, just ducks.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holy Sh@#! There's a Fire!!!!!!!!!

It all started on a normal evening when my honey Hunter said I am going to wash my hair. I laughed as I thought gosh that is such a girl thing to say! Well, Aliyah went with him since she loves the bathtub. So he grabbed a towel through it on the counter and stuck his head under the bathtub water and washed his hair. About 5-10 minutes later I hear "HOLY SH@#! THERE'S A FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!" I ran in and the towel was up in flames and he was banging it against the floor trying to get it out. Which he did but it was still burning slowly, so he turned on the faucet sink and said go get me a glass a water so I can put it out. I stood there and said "why don't you just stick it under the sink?" He gave me this Look Like Oh, duh! Anyways, everyone made it out alive except the towel. I know Aliyah was probably scared even though she didn't cry.

How did the fire start you ask?

Well, as many of you have your own husbands, we all know when they go to the bathroom it can stink up the whole house(I might be exaggerating alittle) And since I am pregnant, I dry heave because of the smell, so we put on a candle every so often if I feel I need to and good ol' Hunter just threw the towel on top of the candle without thinking.

Little Aliyah everytime she goes to the bathroom she points to the candle and with a concerned face starts "talking about it"

Anyways~ All Is well! It could of been alot worst that is for sure!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

1st Dream

So 2 days ago Jasmine got up and said "Yesterday Aliyah was in the microwave and she was melting" I sat there and thought Oh my gosh, she is telling me her dream for the 1st time!
I said
"Oh Honey, it was just a dream"
She said
"But, she was in the microwave and you came and gave her food.Why did you let her in there? She was getting hurt."
I said again
"sweetheart it was just a dream, it didn't really happen, see Aliyah is ok"

Through out the day she would bring it up. She was really sweet and mommy like to Aliyah, like she was thankful that she was alright.

This is NOT my baby Aliyah, so don't even think I would ever do that to her or any child!