Monday, June 23, 2008

Aliyah's party

So for Aliyah, her theme was Ladybugs! It was cute! We painted little ladybugs on everyone's cheeks and gave them antennas. I made 5 different types of pizzas and had mac n cheese(kid food ya hear). They played pin the spot on the bug and a bug race that didn't work so well. The kids really just ran around and played themselves. I was a little tired so I didn't even care that we didn't have more games! I let Aliyah have her own cake and let her at it! She had fun being around everyone!

The cakes turned out great! The middle one was especially for Aliyah! What a treat!

The pin the dot was so funny to watch. Lolo tried pinning one on Hunter(see above) and Jasmine did really good considering she was also blind folded. Aliyah really didn't dig in to the cake she more just played with it. Jace and Jojo finished it off by digging into the cakes with their faces! What hams!

Jasmine's Party

It was a hit!Since we were away from family we had all her new friends we met out her come. Grama Donna came out this week and so she was here for it. A little piece of home helped. We had Corndogs, homemade mac n cheese and homemade pizza for food. They played the hokie pokie, limbo, the chicken dance, and hit the pinata, and then we sang happy birthday, ate cake and ice cream, and opened her presents. All the kids really enjoyed the easy games, I did too, because all I had to do was turn on the music! I made a thrown for her, which I never got a good picture of, but you can see it behind the boys in the picture above.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Castle Cake

I love making cakes, so here is the cake that I made for my princess. It was a bit easier then I thought it would be. You just have to make sure you plan ahead for it. Everyone loved it and thought how cool.

This cinderella dress is one of the presents she got at her party.What a pretty princess!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Start of the birthday madness!

OK so I know that I haven't written in a while, but June is our birthday month! I have been so busy preparing for parties. This is how it looks:
June 15~Jasmine's ( she just turned 3!)
June 20~ Aliyah's (she will be 1!)
June 29~ My birthday! and yes I am making my own cake! Don't ask how old.

So I have lots of different pics and video of Jasmine's birthday, which I will add. the video might take me longer because I am not the best at those.

The night before her birthday I had Cinderella call her! It was cute she loved it. 
it only cost 2.49 for Disney to do it. They have different characters too. Here is the website 
I video taped her, I tried to put in on speaker but, it is still hard to hear but her facial expression is priceless. Aliyah just happened to start coughing. Anyways, this was the kick off to her awesome birthday!