Saturday, July 19, 2008

My boob is gonna pop.

Ok well, not really, but sad day has come where I say good-bye to babyhood and hello to toddlermania. 2 nights ago, I stopped nursing Aliyah and she was totally fine with it. I think I took it harder then her. Emotionally and physically. My boob was getting so sore by the next day, pretty much throbbing or should I say screaming for someone to latch and suck(no thank you Hunter I will pass on your offer!). My friend Tasha's baby is like 2-3 months old and yesterday her mom happen to be going to a broadway show with family and she left cute little baby with my friend Jenni, well Jenni came over because baby Mya was crying and needed alittle help because her munchkin was jealous of her holding Mya. To make a long story short...NO, I did not feed her even though my boobs throb to the beat of her crying and grew a couple inches in hopes of reaching her mouth. I did offer, Jenni pretty grossed out said "umm, no". Well, today I still have a hard rock boob but no more throbbing, so babies across america stay away from me until I dry it all out.

Just to let you know I was only feeding her once right before bed for the last 3 weeks so I didn't think it would of affected me like it did.
Even though we all get anxious to be through nursing when the time actually comes it is a bit sad.
I love my little baby and how she is growing to be a big girl.

This is her where she randomly fell asleep when I propped her up on this teddy bear.
Ahh, the days of easy sleeping.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Aliyah started walking on mother's day a few steps, she caught on real fast. By her birthday she had it pretty good, now she is almost running she is so fast. The cutest thing ever. Oh, they grow up so fast! I can't stand it!


Jasmine and Hunter went out one day after the rain and had fun jumping in puddles. It was so cute! He took some awesome pics as I video taped from across the street (in my balcony). So I thought I would share some pictures with you.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The 2 Scares

I haven't been frightened like this since halloween 2004. No, but seriously, this is something no one with kids ever want to go thru. First, Jasmine was sitting on the ledge of our window it happen to be all the way open because I was cleaning the oven and it was stinky. Anyways, the screen popped out and so did Jasmine. It was atleast a 8 or 9 feet drop. Luckily she was ok. I went thru so many emotions in such little time.

Second, we were swimming and Aliyah knows how to swim with her floaties ON(no fear really).
Well I guess she tried to take it off and she ripped it so it floated away and she tried to go get it and guess what she found out real quick she couldn't swim with just one. I started to get her but the lifeguard had already jump in and grabbed her. She too was ok, all she did was cough and then wanted to go back in.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My 32nd Birthday

That's right I am now 32 and I feel the older you get the smaller the party festivities goes. It was still a nice day. We had a friend take our whole family to a restaurant called Uno. I didn't feel bad one bit since we feed him so much at home. The rest of the day was much to do about nothing. Hunter got me these awesome, cute New Balance Shoes that are meant to be my everyday shoes instead of using my workout shoes everyday. Later that night we went over to Jenni's and it turned out to be a little surprise party with a lot of the people from work. Which was so nice of her to throw together because she had been out of town. I made my own ice cream cake because I wanted to and everyone devoured it. I am old. The End.