Thursday, April 23, 2009


We went as a family up to the mountains and hiked, a very little hike(come on what do you expect me being 9 months pregos and having 2 little kids).
We had an awesome view of the valley and Utah Lake, we made a fire, which the girls LOVED, and made smores. Truthfully, I never ate smores before, I always was more fascinated with the getting the marshmallow on fire, the smores never really appealed to me. But, since being a mom I wanted to try what I was giving them. Well, as it turns out they weren't so bad, but for sure you got to make sure your chocolate is melted mostly, at least that's what I think. Anyways, Aliyah of course ate hers all, and Jasmine, she gave it back and said "I don't like it" and she proceeded on rather roasting them! I laughed because like mother like daughter! We really had a good time! We will definitely do this again! We were pretty prepared except for the fact that Aliyah kept telling us she had to go potty, and I heard her but I was not really full listening and what do you know poor girl wet her pants! So some of the pics that what you see! Oh, me and Hunter felt bad because we didn't stop what we were doing to help her, so next time we will bring a change of clothes just in case.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

While I've been Pregos...

Aliyah gets potty trained!

So I know some of you are like what?! She's not even 2 years yet, but I really did not want 2 kids in diapers, and the stink of changing her really just made me gag! So yeah, when she was 19 months, we started and she has it down which I love. We still have her wear one to bed, but hey not a biggie.

Valentines Day!

I don't have the best picture of it, but I just decorated a couch so when they woke up and walked out of there room they saw FUN...they loved it!

Busy being a Business Woman
I decided a while ago that I was going to do Isagenix full time and it has paid off! Hunter keeps calling me his sugar mama! I have slowed down the past week, but understandable right? I traveled to California at 7 months pregnant and to Arizona at 8 months! I know I can accomplish anything now! I want to give a shout out to my partner Sarah and my millionaire trainer, my dad. GO ME!

St. Patricks Day

Ok, so I didn't really have anything planned for this day, in fact I was going to let it go without them knowing, but my good friend Rachel called and asked if she could come over and have all the kids frost cookies and eat lunch for it. I said sure! Which I couldn't believe because she was farther along in her pregnancy than me!
So, we frosted cookies with green frosting, had green apple juice,green jello and corndogs(sorry folks we didn't have those green!)

Thanks Rachel and Braxton!

Hunter's birthday

Ok, so I feel somewhat bad because I am usually the birthday queen, but this pregnancy has left me wiped I didn't go all out. But we had Hunter's parents watch the girls and we went to dinner with his friends at Iggys, no thanks to me. He pretty much planned it. But, on the upside, we agreed for his bday present he would get a scooter.Which by the way HE LOVES!


Can we say Yuck, to some, but Hooray for others! If you get money back it is always nice! I love having kids for that reason. We got an awesome C.P.A.(certified personal accountant) who really worked the best for us! My sister recommended him and we are glad we did! We got $5,300 back and we are glad, because with a new baby coming and taking off from work it couldn'nt come at a better time.

Bowling for "Bubba's" b-day

Also known as Braxton, He had his party at the Willkinson Center at BYU, for some fun bowling! I have to admit I was in a sourpuss mood at first because parking was Horrible and I had to walk 10 minutes from our car with my 2 girls, no stroller, and my fat stomach at 9 months prego. But, when we finally arrived me sweating like I had ran a marathon, the girls had a blast and Jasmine can't stop talking about it even to this day!


I don't think I got pictures ,but we had a great morning, to the girls waking up to the Easter Bunny's gifts and eggs he left behind, and then we went to Hunter's parents where we had the traditional Easter dinner (ham and funeral potatoes,which I think most people rename but, I know what they really are!) and the kids had to find their baskets and then go on their Easter egg hunt! Fun day!

Now that I have caught up, let the baby come!