Friday, March 5, 2010

Betty Crockers in Training!

Jasmine saw a picture of bakery cookies in a store ad and she proceeded to cut it out and told me to put this on my list. I finally told her that we could make some that would taste better.
Both girls are in the stage where they want to help, add this, stir that. It is kind of annoying because anyone that knows me, knows the kitchen is my place to create. So they tend to get in the way. But, I hold my breath and deal with it, because I once was a child eager to learn and cook. And I want my girls to learn and feel like they are welcomed in the kitchen to do just that.
So knowing this moment would be for them, to make something they love and enjoy, I know we all would have fun! And that we did!
Jasmine was soooo proud that she got to use the hand blender all by herself! She actually did a good job handling it. Aliyah really loves adding and mixing. They added the chocolate chips and then started to "steal" them out of the bowl! I let them because I thought it was so cute. We made some with regular chocolate chips and some with white chocolate chips. I don't like regular, but I love white!!! I don't know why that is. But if you give me a chocolate chip cookie, I eat around the chips. Anyways, the girls where so proud of their masterpieces!!!
I took a picture of them in front of their cookies and let them take a cookie to eat. When I took a pic of Aliyah she snatched 2 cookies as fast as she could and took a bite of both, and then held one so tightly in her hand that it was beginning to crumble( I think she was afraid I would say no, and take it away,lol). It was a fun little night for us girls

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All about Caylee

Aww, teething sucks!

So Caylee just got 4 of her top teeth!! This consisted of sleepless night, uncontrollable crying, snotty nose, little fever, and even a cough. Once they broke thru all of that stopped. Hallelujah!! She is my sweet little angel, and it is so hard for her to go thru that.
On a good note♪.... She started crawling!!!! For awhile she was bouncing on her bum to get around, but like 2 week ago she just started! It is so cute! She also makes these cute little face, when she is about to cry! I am getting sad that she is getting bigger. Her birthday is in 2 months! Noooo! My baby won't be a baby soon! Knowing she is my last makes everything feel like it is going to fast!!!
She is such a good sleeper. She sleeps all night(unless shes teething,lol). She is so good at eating. She loves eating! Real food please, none of that baby jar crap! She loves her sisters, they play so good, they make her laugh alot. I see how much she is loved by everyone and it makes me smile from ear to ear. She is my angel.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I've decided I love to eat

Yummy, Yummy food. I look forward to meal times. I know a lot of people dont like to fuss about cooking, so they eat a sandwich, or a bowl of cereal. But me!, why waste it on something crappy! I will go out of my way to cook something yummy even if it's just for me!! I will make fresh, homemade guacamole for my chicken tacos, just for lunch. I love to find mini meals as my snacks in between my meals, so I feel I get more yummy food during the day!!

OK why the talk of food???? I AM CLEANSING!!! I am feeling fine, but I as already planning what I am going to eat tomorrow. I never thought I could ever cleanse, but the way it makes me feel, is so worth it. I tell myself there is always tomorrow for food.
Here is what I am going to eat tomorrow(just bare with me food on my mind!)

8:00 am- Power shake (different then normal shake)
11:00am- Power shake (cause I need on after the gym)
1:30-2pm- Mini meal - egg muffin - 1 egg with turkey bacon, slice of cheese and whole wheat english muffin.
430-5pm- celery and salsa (trust me its yummy, it replaces my chips)
7:30- Honey Chile Chicken, brown rice, veggies

Why am I cleansing? 2 reasons 1- To make sure I can stay at my tip top shape in my health(it makes me look younger too). 2. To get back to my pre-pregnancy weight or better!