Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tagged by my Sister

Ok so here's the deal...I got tagged by my sister to list my 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 obsessions, 3 goals, 3 random facts about me, and then I have to tag 5 other people(if I even have 5 other friends!) if I tag you I will leave you a message on your blog so you know to look and do. So here it goes...

3 Joys

1. Seeing my girls having fun and smiling!

2. Being around friends and family.

3. Shopping (even if its just grocery shopping)

3 Fears

1. Not having enough money

2.Either my family or I getting in a serious car accident.

3.My girls going through life not knowing their true worth.

3 obsessions/ collections

1. I am obsessed with Stephenie Meyer's books! Twilight, New Moon,Eclipse
and her new one The Host! I am sure I will love Breaking Dawn when it comes out. Love, Love, Love! I even dream about them. Can't wait for the movie Twilight!

2.Vacuuming! I seriously like to vacuum atleast 3 times a day.

3.Working out.

3 Goals

1.Having a body like Fergie from Black Eyed Peas.(She surprisingly is my body type).

2.Trademark my style of indoor cycling, because it IS DIFFERENT.

3.Accept that people live their own movie, so don't try to change it. I can however chose to be a memorable character in it. (I have the lead role in mine anyways!)

3 random/surprising facts about myself

1. My passion growing up was Acting in movies. It still is, but having a family takes priority. As I see it I am in a live movie of my life everyday.

2.I haven't eaten red meat since 1992.

3.If I see a bug in my house I can't squish it. I grab any sort of house cleaner or perfume and spray it to death. ( I tell my daughter its sleeping and we throw it outside so they can "wake up".)

Tag your it!:
my mom(just send it in an email, I'd love to know your answers)
any of my other friends that don't have a blog send it in an email!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Need a chuckle?

53 seconds to make you chuckle. Even if you think its stupid!

Now have a good day!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

And Another thing...

Most of you know we don't drink tap water. In utah we would buy a gallon then go back to the store and refill it at one of the reverse osmosis machines for like .33cents. They don' t believe in that out here. In fact I have asked SEVERAL people where I could do that and no one knows what I am talking about! That concept does NOT exist! Crazy. It can get pricey to buy a gallon of water for a dollar when we are use to using 14 gallons a week!
One more thing... when buying meat you have to be careful, they seriously sell meat like past the due date, not just like one or two days , but my friend bought one and she thought it smelled funny so she looked at the date and it had expired A MONTH earlier! I personally don't trust buying meat anywhere but Costco. Good ol' Costco. I have come to love so much more living in Utah.
Ok so I am done with my little complaints. I really think it is interesting how it can be so different on the other side of the states.

I am in a land of Zoolanders!

OK , so all you know I am in Jersey right now, I feel like I am in the Zoolander movie! Not because there are stupid beautiful male models, but because I feel everyone has the fear of turning left! It is truly annoying! They have a barrier in the middle of the road like a highway, so if you want to go to any stores or streets on your left you cant! Once every 5- 10 miles it has a light with a big sign saying NO LEFT TURN!( the light is there for the people getting off of one of the many freeways, I have broken the law doing what the sign says not to do! Them Zoolanders honk like mad when I try to do a forbidden left! I just scream at them! I just need to find out how those righties function on life without any lefts. How do they get to those places? I am just so fustrated! Blah, Blah, Blah.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

My girls are soo cute. We go often to the park near by and the girls have a ball. If you love my girls as much as I do you should watch this short 1 min video.