Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Christmas is coming Fast!

One of my favorite deal sites that helped me last year was Freebies 2 Deals! She finds amazing deals through out the year, but especially during the holiday! I know if you are trying to stay in a budget than you should totally check her out! Last year I got most of our presents from her telling us the deals. I got the tag books for my kids leapster games, I got the twilight movies for like $5! Just a little tid bit!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Jasmine started getting her teeth when she was 4 months, and got almost all of them by one. So it shouldn't of surprise me when I saw this in her mouth.

Yeah, kindof trippy looking! It was off to the dentist we went. It turned out that she was going to need her 2 front baby teeth pulled out to make room for them. I couldn't believe my baby had to do that! So we made another appointment and I dreaded for the day to come (silently)
She started out pretty good. I was soo proud of her.
But then the Dr. came in and that was a different story! It was sooo sad! She was crying and screaming for mama!! Oh, I was so glad when it was over! That purple box is where they put her 2 teeth in. See the red eyes and drying tears? yah, torture for me! Luckily, I told her we were gonna get ice cream! And get a visit from the tooth fairy!
What a doll! She got a toy from the tooth fairy and some change! Oh she was super excited! She even got up in the middle of the night, turned on the light to look at her fortune!! Haha

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Surprise! You might die today!

So my good friend Rachael said she had a surprise for me, for my bday! She wouldnt tell me what it was but she said just wear workout clothes. I immediately had to ask her"are you taking me running?" hahaha. She laughed too! So the day came and I was a little anxious. We went to her parents house to meet up with our "instructors" Before we were about to leave her parents said lets say a prayer before you go rock climbing. I immediately yelled out "We're going ROCKCLIMBING???!!!" she yelled "mom it was a surprise!!!" hahahahaha. So now I was super nervous!!! She didnt know I was a bit scared of heights! I decided to put my big girl undies and not cry. But oh man, I thought I was going to die on my bday! Well, her brother and his friend were pros and taught 100's of people, so my trust in them was handed to them.
Yep, there I go! I actually went 2nd, so I was able to watch and learn from Rach going first!

Yes, I made it!

AND I decided to keep going up!!!

I am about to start repelling down! Her brother said turn around and look at the beautiful mountains! I was so scared I didnt want to but I had to , I mean I was up there!!! So I did, real fast, peed my pants and said yep thats a good enough look.

Now I can say, look at me, I'm tough! hahahahaha
Our awesome coaches!
Just hiking down the mountain I needed my gear!! I am holding on the tree for dear life and laughing uncontrollable at the same time!
We are awesome!
This is us doing the crazy dance. hahahaha
I had an awesome start of a wonderful birthday!! It is sure one I will never forget!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I dont wanna grow up!

So After all my girls bdays, mine is last. But that totally did not mean I get the shaft! I totally was excited for mine because The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was coming out at midnight on my bday! So I decided to do a twilight Party! I had soooo much fun planning for it! I wish money grew on trees because I would of probably of done more.
I spent a lot of time getting things so I could make the table of treats look nice.
I decided to serve dinner. We had Spaghetti with either white or red sauce, and garlic bread.

I know as we grow older we tend to down play a lot of things and make our things not a big deal! But, I wanted to be able to have fun and act like we were teenagers again! I am so glad my friends played along!!

I think one of the highlights of the night was that I some how convinced my husband to be Jacob and his buddy to be Edward! LOL I made masks to cover their faces! hahahaha
I don't know about everyone, but I think that just made us have such a blast! I lOVE BIRTHDAYS!! We will just ignore the fact that I get older!

The movie Eclipse turned to be awesome as well! I couldn't of asked for a better birthday!

Oh snap! I even got action!!! hahahahaha

Everyone even went home with a goodie bag. :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Please send me pics of my girls bdays!!!

The one thing I LOVE about Aliyah: Everyday before we say goodbye or goodnight, she says "See ya later alligator, Happy Valentine's Day!" and she makes us say it too!

So my precious Aliyah turned 3 this summer as well! It is crazy having 2 birthdays a week apart!!! Her theme was Dora!! And I need pictures BAD!!! So if you have any from this day, please, send them to me!!!I only have her opening presents, nothing else, not even the cake!!! That is just not cool!! I spend hours on their cakes, I want to have atleast the picture of their existence!
Luckily, the weather turned out better for her birthday, so we were able to have it outside and rent a bouncy house for all the kids.

Monday, October 4, 2010

They just keep getting bigger and bigger!!!

One thing I love about Jasmine is that she is such a good sister and helper! She really helps out and she really is so obedient!
Jasmine's turned 5 yrs. this summer! I can't believe she is going to school this year! Agh!!!!
For her birthday we had princess and the frog theme! And I feel horrible but, Hunter (the amazing husband that he is) left our camera on the top of the car and drove off. So I didnt get many good pics of her party! So if anyone out there has them please email them to me or something!!!!

Random enough, it was still pretty dang cold and raining in June, so we had to change her party to indoors. But I think it turned out great because I had tons of games for the kids and I think it made them have fun!
We played sac hop, pin the lips on the frog, egg run, hit the pinata and other ones I can't remember.
The cakes turned out, even though I wanted to throw it against the wall the night before!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Sweet Baby

So my sweet baby, Caylee turned 1 this past April! Boy, how this year for her went to darn fast! I want her to stay my little baby forever!!! She is soo sweet, oh how I love her so.
So anyways, for her birthday I planned a butterfly themed party, and I have to say I LOVED how it turned out!

These are the invites I made

Since I only invited kids her age I didnt make a cake, instead I made these cute Butterfly cupcakes, that in the end turned out pretty dang cute!!
I original was going to make a cake for Caylee to eat(as tradition) But It was way too big for her and I wanted my family who was coming later that day to see it. I ran out of time so this is how it looked. LOL! :
and I tried making chocolate covered pretzels shaped as butterflies, but that was so much work and tons of chocolate that I only made a few.
Her cute little friends that came:
Madison, Nico
Lydia, Mason
Derrick, Ava

She didnt know what to think about this at first. She started out to eat it like a lady
and then she so got the hang of it, she even wanted to share!!!
We had the friend party at 3pm and then the family party at 6pm. It was a long day but so worth my bundle of joy! And exciting but my sister had her baby born this same day!!! So we visited her the next day!