Sunday, October 17, 2010

Surprise! You might die today!

So my good friend Rachael said she had a surprise for me, for my bday! She wouldnt tell me what it was but she said just wear workout clothes. I immediately had to ask her"are you taking me running?" hahaha. She laughed too! So the day came and I was a little anxious. We went to her parents house to meet up with our "instructors" Before we were about to leave her parents said lets say a prayer before you go rock climbing. I immediately yelled out "We're going ROCKCLIMBING???!!!" she yelled "mom it was a surprise!!!" hahahahaha. So now I was super nervous!!! She didnt know I was a bit scared of heights! I decided to put my big girl undies and not cry. But oh man, I thought I was going to die on my bday! Well, her brother and his friend were pros and taught 100's of people, so my trust in them was handed to them.
Yep, there I go! I actually went 2nd, so I was able to watch and learn from Rach going first!

Yes, I made it!

AND I decided to keep going up!!!

I am about to start repelling down! Her brother said turn around and look at the beautiful mountains! I was so scared I didnt want to but I had to , I mean I was up there!!! So I did, real fast, peed my pants and said yep thats a good enough look.

Now I can say, look at me, I'm tough! hahahahaha
Our awesome coaches!
Just hiking down the mountain I needed my gear!! I am holding on the tree for dear life and laughing uncontrollable at the same time!
We are awesome!
This is us doing the crazy dance. hahahaha
I had an awesome start of a wonderful birthday!! It is sure one I will never forget!


Adhis said...

Coach shorts!

Yerkes family said...

That was fun. Sorry you are afraid of heights!