Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Please send me pics of my girls bdays!!!

The one thing I LOVE about Aliyah: Everyday before we say goodbye or goodnight, she says "See ya later alligator, Happy Valentine's Day!" and she makes us say it too!

So my precious Aliyah turned 3 this summer as well! It is crazy having 2 birthdays a week apart!!! Her theme was Dora!! And I need pictures BAD!!! So if you have any from this day, please, send them to me!!!I only have her opening presents, nothing else, not even the cake!!! That is just not cool!! I spend hours on their cakes, I want to have atleast the picture of their existence!
Luckily, the weather turned out better for her birthday, so we were able to have it outside and rent a bouncy house for all the kids.

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