Monday, October 18, 2010

Jasmine started getting her teeth when she was 4 months, and got almost all of them by one. So it shouldn't of surprise me when I saw this in her mouth.

Yeah, kindof trippy looking! It was off to the dentist we went. It turned out that she was going to need her 2 front baby teeth pulled out to make room for them. I couldn't believe my baby had to do that! So we made another appointment and I dreaded for the day to come (silently)
She started out pretty good. I was soo proud of her.
But then the Dr. came in and that was a different story! It was sooo sad! She was crying and screaming for mama!! Oh, I was so glad when it was over! That purple box is where they put her 2 teeth in. See the red eyes and drying tears? yah, torture for me! Luckily, I told her we were gonna get ice cream! And get a visit from the tooth fairy!
What a doll! She got a toy from the tooth fairy and some change! Oh she was super excited! She even got up in the middle of the night, turned on the light to look at her fortune!! Haha


Jon and Tasha Fam said...

That's crazy!!! poor girl, looks like she did ok

Bart & Misty said...

She's such a doll!! I think you were more traumatized than she was :)
I made a new blog,so change the address on mine to this one now.
Love ya!

Yerkes family said...

ouch. poor mama