Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Sweet Baby

So my sweet baby, Caylee turned 1 this past April! Boy, how this year for her went to darn fast! I want her to stay my little baby forever!!! She is soo sweet, oh how I love her so.
So anyways, for her birthday I planned a butterfly themed party, and I have to say I LOVED how it turned out!

These are the invites I made

Since I only invited kids her age I didnt make a cake, instead I made these cute Butterfly cupcakes, that in the end turned out pretty dang cute!!
I original was going to make a cake for Caylee to eat(as tradition) But It was way too big for her and I wanted my family who was coming later that day to see it. I ran out of time so this is how it looked. LOL! :
and I tried making chocolate covered pretzels shaped as butterflies, but that was so much work and tons of chocolate that I only made a few.
Her cute little friends that came:
Madison, Nico
Lydia, Mason
Derrick, Ava

She didnt know what to think about this at first. She started out to eat it like a lady
and then she so got the hang of it, she even wanted to share!!!
We had the friend party at 3pm and then the family party at 6pm. It was a long day but so worth my bundle of joy! And exciting but my sister had her baby born this same day!!! So we visited her the next day!

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