Saturday, October 16, 2010

I dont wanna grow up!

So After all my girls bdays, mine is last. But that totally did not mean I get the shaft! I totally was excited for mine because The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was coming out at midnight on my bday! So I decided to do a twilight Party! I had soooo much fun planning for it! I wish money grew on trees because I would of probably of done more.
I spent a lot of time getting things so I could make the table of treats look nice.
I decided to serve dinner. We had Spaghetti with either white or red sauce, and garlic bread.

I know as we grow older we tend to down play a lot of things and make our things not a big deal! But, I wanted to be able to have fun and act like we were teenagers again! I am so glad my friends played along!!

I think one of the highlights of the night was that I some how convinced my husband to be Jacob and his buddy to be Edward! LOL I made masks to cover their faces! hahahaha
I don't know about everyone, but I think that just made us have such a blast! I lOVE BIRTHDAYS!! We will just ignore the fact that I get older!

The movie Eclipse turned to be awesome as well! I couldn't of asked for a better birthday!

Oh snap! I even got action!!! hahahahaha

Everyone even went home with a goodie bag. :)

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Hayward Family said...

SO CUTE!! I am so behind on blogging! I hope you are well.. It was fun to see you and your cute family at Taylah's party!! Happy New Year! :)