Sunday, December 27, 2009

We are Moving AGAIN!

You would think we love to move but we just are moving closer and closer until one day we are living in our dream home! We are going to be living in Pleasant Grove again! Wahoo! It is a crazy time to be moving with all the holidays and the crazy cold weather, but I am grateful. It is a new townhome that will have a pool for the summer time!!! Yay! I will post pictures when we get settled in!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Her first broken bone!

Cute and sad! No little 2 year old should have to be in a cast! It is so hard for them to understand why.
We feel so bad! She fell off her sister's bike and we didn't take her in to see the dr, until 2 days after because I felt there was something wrong! We felt so guilty when we found out she needed a cast!!! She was so good when they put it on, but the minute we walked out of the dr. she asked to take it off. Every 5 minutes she would ask for us to take it off. "off,mom" Anytime we did something different. Take a bath "take it off mom", Going to bed"take it off mom", getting dressed "take it off mom" ANYTHING. Eventually she did get use to it and became her old self again! She is a trooper!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

my 33rd Birthday!

That's right I'm 33. Had a fun family BBQ at my house. Went out for dinner with some friends at Red Robin another day! Love Birthdays! The End.

Aliyah's 2nd birthday!

My baby girl is 2!!!! She acts so big for her age and it probably has to do with the fact that she has an older sister. The day before we took them swimming and boy they had a blast! Surely I have 2 summer girls!!! Then they spent the night at grandma Donna's ,which they always seem to cheer for. On her birthday we had planned to do it at the park, but the dumb RAIN had to go and ruin it! So we ended keeping it indoors, but we still had a blast! It was a Little Einstein's theme, and the kids seemed to thought the cake was sooo cool even though I was putting it together 1/2 hour before and thought it was a disaster! All in all, she had a wonderful birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALIYAH! Your smile brightens up anyone's day! I LOVE YOU!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bowling Party with the family

Jasmine is lucky because she got 2 parties this year! We had a bowling party with my family! Jasmine really loves bowling, she always talks about it! I think we all had so much fun!